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When the words come back

There are times
When I have no words

There have been times of pure happiness stemming from somewhere deeper than the pit of my stomach
From somewhere deep in my core
Where a shriek and a giggle and a twirl and a spin and a leap and a funky little dance live
Where a glance and a beat skipped and a gasp and that warm tingly little feeling travel from

There have been times of pure sadness rooted from the place where dreams were heartbroken
Where tears and ache and crumbling to the floor in dark corners grabbing my knees to shake take place
Where routines and must do’s paralyze fear in my chest making it almost impossible to run from

I’m at a loss for words on those days
Both feelings so overwhelming I haven’t got synonyms for them
I don’t speak or write any of the thoughts that leave me staring up at the popcorn ceiling
Eventually I’ll grab at the tail end of one and pull it back I study it and organize it and connect it
Sometimes I swim or drown in it taking my time to understand it

But when the words come back
I could explain it to myself in my writing



© Sara Febles

New words

To a writer
There is nothing more
More enticing
More enthralling
Than new words

To a writer
The choice of words
Color your soul
The phrasing of words
Pattern the beat of your heart
True meaning hidden
Behind organized thoughts

A writer reads
The thoughts you hide
The truth you push aside
Between the words
Between the phrasing
And breaths taken
A writer reads you

A writer
Thirsts for spilled ink
Hungers for new words
Language of your need
To satiate their soul

And once the last page turns
Do not feel offended
If you’ve been shelved
Because a writer is fed
On the novels read