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If my body had its way, in your arms it would stay.

My mouth meant to whisper things just for you.

My teeth meant to scratch your flesh because my need for you is so great

Fuck that this is a mistake

My breath exhaling your name while we sway

My hands grasping tightly in the darkness

memorizing the muscles contracting in such a way

I say please and more and fuck me I’m yours

My thighs holding you tight tangled kisses from the outside

Make me lose my mind to not know how to be

anything other than what you’re holding me and molding me to be

Explore the unknown with me

Teach me how to exhale the truth trapped

by so many who don’t know what to do with that

Release that part of me that growls

with primal want and desire

You have no idea how much I hold back

I want so much to be within an inch of your skin

My nearness to you isn’t enough for me.

Drown me, suffocate and intoxicate me,

Change me and transform me.

Leave me a stranger to myself in the mirror the morning after