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It was just a shooting star
That made my heart race
Unexpected in a bright way
I almost thought I was riding it to space
Reaching my arms out to catch the stardust
I smiled at the thought

My Faults

I wonder if I’m worth more
Than the collection of all my faults
If I’ll ever be more than a liability
More than mistakes and plans I thwart
I wonder if people see me or
The shadows I danced with
I wonder if I’ll stop pretending to be a good girl
Find a medium and accept what I was made for
Drape the black slinky dress
Learn to dangle on the key chain and
Enjoy the rides others take
I wonder if I can tell the truth
Or if I’m just a series of lies
I wonder if people see how ugly I feel
Or just the mask I colored on
I wonder if I’ll ever know for real
Who the real me is
Because, it can’t just be this.
Can it?

Give me back

Did I do it again?
Make the same mistake?
Give too much
With so little left
Paper thin my heart
Like a leaf trembling
I carefully placed it
Your open hands waiting
I trusted and hoped
You’d see past the blemishes
Through the torn seams
And jagged little edges
It’s not the freshest of pinks
Not that many beats left
But still, it’s all I had to gift
Nothing else belongs to me
I’d hope I’d learn this time
Not to give every last piece
Reserve some of myself for me
Anyway, it’s ok turn away
If I could I’d do the same some day
Just let me have back
What you don’t want
I need it for the chances I take
The ones that’ll turn to more mistakes