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More herself

She was never more herself
Than on those private moments
When the door was shut
And tired she shed her clothes
One by one a careless trail
From the bedroom
To the bathroom door

And in front of the mirror
She studied herself
Running fingers through her hair
A mane of wild curls
She flipped and parted
Got her fingers stuck in
Scooped up above her head
Releasing slowly around her neck
Searching for the perfect curl
She’d twirl around her finger
And watch it bounce back into position

She’d brush her teeth
Look up and smile
At the storm on her head
Glance at the length of her untamed self
As she moved only the way she does
When no one’s watching her come to bed

She was never more herself
Than on those natural moments
When she’d pull her sheets up
And fan her curls out
Usually she’d blow dry and flatten it
But she’s realized
That’s such a waste of wildness



© Sara Febles