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Black Trees

You call me black and point your fingers accusingly

As if that alone declared me a criminal conclusively
Black, like the dirt you scrape off the boots of a hard day’s work

And you head home leaving behind a grotesque cirque

But I wasn’t dirt or the scum of the earth

I come from a long line of good soil

Nourishing those around me who forever toil

to make a copper’s worth

My feet firmly planted in the realities of this world

like the roots of a great oak tree

whose branches reach toward the sky proclaiming world peace

Supporting the hummingbirds who fly with small wings

Whose determination is farther than you can ever see

Yeah you’ve cut down this great tree

Go and wash the speckled black dust off your wrists

Rest assured you’ve done your part

You played your role and hid in the comfort of your home

Thinking there’s one less of me to roam

Mother earth embraces me now

And the world disavows

Of your cowardly actions you hide from now

I’ve been absorbed by the earth

This is a moment of rebirth

An awakening in the rustling trees

Who are firmly planted in this reality

Whose branches reach for world peace

Despite the smoke and strong wind

Despite the axes that chop us down

You see I’m not just one tree

But a forest of a million more like me.



© Sara Febles

This poem was inspired by the tragic event that occurred a year ago in Ferguson. I am re-posting it today because I turn on the news to find yet another young man or woman at the foot of police brutality, racial profiling, racism, and deeply ingrained ignorance. I am re-posting it today because, once again, society reveals how mercilessly it attacks victims of abuse instead of seeking an honest justice. I am re-posting this for all of you affected, though it’s not enough, may you find hope and strength in my words.

  Photography by Aneta Evanova

page 3


to start

i am excited for

and in my hurry to start

i ran and skipped and danced

but on my second day

i realized i hadn’t gone very far

i carried this bag

full of words from my past

that weighed and tired me down

and while i rested

i couldn’t help but look

to see what made it so heavy

and hard to pull

it was every word of heartache

from my past and everyday before last

which made me so sad

to think i’d be stuck

or take longer

to move on and forward

my toward

so I dumped them all

out of the bag

and onto my paper

one word

per image

per moment of incident

page 3 is where I leave them



© Sara Febles

But I won’t do that…

the moment you realize what that is
in a Meatloaf song
is the moment after you’ve done
everything and that for love
and miserably failed at it



© Sara Febles

she’ll dance


She lit a candle and stared at it
Wondered what song the flame danced to

Then she heard deep in the silence
In the still of darkness

The rhythm left by old songs
The echoes of lyrics once sung

The flame warmed her
And the shadows grew long

They lifted her up
And she danced along

The lone passerby
Saw through the window that night

A girl dancing
In the flame of old shadows

He smiled and walked on
Little does he know

She’ll dance
Even after the flame’s all gone



© Sara Febles

shut out


When the door closed
I looked around and blinked in the darkness
I knew was my own
I felt it in the edges
Always present
Ever waiting
I breathed through it though
Trying to last till the light
I knew was to come in some time
I think I got through it too
It wasn’t the darkness
That scared me
Or the falling
Or the silence
I just waited
To find my own balance
I had stood there once
And though I wasn’t accustomed to it
There was enough familiarity to let me sink in
What had me
Wondering why
Empty inside
Was not that
Not the welcoming darkness
Or the deafening silence
It was that you pushed me
Out of my place
And shut the door behind me
And for a time I shouted
Though not a sound must’ve come out
Because that door never opened
I was shut out
And I stared
In disbelief in awe in fear
That this barrier
Was permanent after all
And I wondered for a while
If I created that
If I was too much
Or not enough
I doubted if I walked out
Or was really pushed out
Because nothing made sense
For some time
But time did pass
Making it easier to stop staring in the dark
And I wandered further along
The door shrinking in the past
And with enough distance
Maybe it’ll be as if it never existed at all



© Sara Febles

a missed event

A calendar reminder

of an event that should’ve occurred

at 2:00 am my time on that day

I forgot that a year ago

this was on my to do

an all day event

one I shouldn’t forget

but here I am hitting dismiss

trying to go back to sleep

wondering why I had planned ahead

was I really that hopeful back then


© Sara Febles


in that space between

thought and dream

when ink stains fingertips

things wished

said and done

another draft

saved and gone


© Sara Febles