If my life were a movie

In the future there’d be a moment

When our eyes would meet mid laugh

The director would cue music

And the audience would hear

“For Once in my Life”

And there’d be a montage

Of walks, and park picnics, and kisses

And silly little dances in the kitchen

And of us reading books and singing

And the audience, especially the girls

Would be swooning when the lyrics

‘For once I can say

This is mine, you can’t take it’ played

As he’d swoop me up for more kisses

Because they’d know

That by this part of the movie

I deserved ‘my wish come true’

Then through movie magic

It would be night

And I’d be in a backless black dress

And he in a suit

We’d drink champagne

And he’d ask me to dance

And the band would play “At Last”

The soundtrack playing

Till we were in the bedroom

The camera closing in on slow kisses

And the song would slowly die off

And in the next scene

I’m in his arms and it would be morning

And the girls in the theater would sigh

Cause they got jipped of the love scene
© Sara Febles
Updated cause it’s sometime in the future.