I’m thankful for my girls
and the laughter and hugs and early morning drooly smell
you make life magical

I’m thankful for my mom and dad
and the morning coffee and late night snack talks
and the unconditional love I’ve felt this year
you strengthen me

I’m thankful for new opportunities
the endings, the beginnings, and the changes
and the courage I’ve held on to this year
to take them

I’m thankful for my words
the yesses and the no’s
and the strength I’ve gained this year
to voice them

I’m thankful for my life
the small minute moments
that add up to this journey
and the flexibility I’ve learned this year
to shape it

I’m thankful for this little spot
the readers and writers
and the time we’ve spent together this year
you inspire me

Thank you.




© Sara Febles

I thought this uploaded on Thanksgiving day, but I pressed the wrong button. I hope you don’t my posting it late, I just had to let the universe know how grateful I am for what I have. I took the picture before our family dinner. My sister is responsible for the beautiful table setting.

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