run to run

there’s this
this little bit of
that putting on
my top
pulling up
my shorts
lacing up
my sneaks
tying my hair
in a bun
and sliding on
my headband
gives me
that’s kinda
getting ready
to run away
past the aches
out of breadth
out of my head
to run into a
sweaty mess
to run
at 6 am
to run
at 10 pm
yeah I’m


with the
sweaty selfie
at the end



© Sara Febles

5 thoughts on “run to run”

  1. Sudden realization; you are far too beautiful for the stereotypical teacher. You say “tying hair in a bun” and I’m dropping my pencil. I use to run to see how fast I could go, curse you spine, but I understand your feeling above.

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