The summer storm

My eyes felt heavy
But sleep was not near
My muscles ached
Of tension and stress from the day
And I could feel the smallness
Of my bones in my skin
As I curled in bed
When the drops began
Slow at first
Then all together a soothing roar
I liked hearing it
The summer storm at 3 am
It made me feel better
Like the earth felt sad too
But had to be brave
And shine on through the day
Till the world slept
And no one looked while it wept
In the dark
In its room
Till it turned
Rolled onto its back
And stared at the night sky
Filled with stars
And a moon
That understood
All of that



© Sara Febles

4 thoughts on “The summer storm”

  1. I love this one. Not due to sadness, rather you’re beautiful way of describing your 3 am cry. Like a majestic storm, tumultuous, shaking, then sublimes into the starry sky in peace. Just lovely.

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