How was your Sunday?

It was calm on the outside
I sat with the sun weighing down my eyelids
My legs stretched on the chair across from me
The wind blowing through my hair and cooling my skin
With clouds reflected on the glass of white wine
I bring it to moisten my lips
I take a sip and wonder how long it was in the fridge
With my phone on my lap
No the table
Maybe I should put it in the bedroom
With a book whose lines I’m rereading again
I know there’s meaning in them
I just can’t concentrate
Because my mind is someplace else
Stuck in a storm of wet and wild thoughts
Of knowing and then not
Of having and then lost
Or something of the sort
I can’t quite figure it out
That’s why I sit out here for
Because it’s calm on the outside
When I’m not feeling it inside



© Sara Febles

5 thoughts on “How was your Sunday?”

  1. I’m thinking of this book you keep rereading. I feel like you’ve mention it before. As if your not making it past a certain point in the book. I felt the warmth of the day there, so pleasant. Still so tumultuous on the inside.

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