The hardest part

It’s not the loss
But the feeling of being lost

It’s not the emptiness
But the feeling of unfulfilled potential

It’s not the broken pieces of glass
But the feeling of having absolutely no path

It’s not the tears you hold back
But the feeling of your soul torn in half

It’s not the things you wish you would’ve said
But the silence left at the end

It’s not the second it happened
But it’s all the lonely moments after it

It’s never what you think it is
But it’s all the things you miss

It’s not that you’ll never be happy again
But it’s that you’ll never smile the same way again



© Sara Febles

3 thoughts on “The hardest part”

  1. My heart read this more than my mind. Especially the unfulfilled potential. It’s never just surface, but the damage behind the eye. Under the surface. That changes our flow.

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