Rambling on

If I’ve said a word
About who I am
To anyone
But the one I love
Rest assured
It was probably a lie
Well guarded secrets
I keep close to my heart
No one knows me
Well enough to say
They know who I am
But somehow he made it
Through the walls
Found a way in
Locked doors and
Shut windows
In a place
Where there was only
Room for one
Now it’s just us
And I can’t help
But open drawers and
Show my notebooks
Ramble on thoughts
I haven’t worded
Talk about
Trapped tight
Name my
To the point
They feel like
Tangible things
He doesn’t get
Just a word
He gets
The backstory
The wet blue ink
I drip as I live
And the blank pages
I’ve yet to fill in



© Sara Febles

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