Round two

I wake up thirsty at night
My mouth completely dry
But it’s not water I want
I wake up every muscle tight
My body sore and sweaty
Like I’ve been in a fight
And I try to think
What was in that dream
But it’s floating darkness
Kicking at shadows madness
Running bared and bloodless
Screaming veins soundless
Until I break through and wake
Taking a second
Feeling displaced
But it’s my ceiling above
And the fan is on
This is my bed and the floor I walk on
I wash my face and neck
I stare back at myself
Puffy eyes red
Dark circles punched in the face
I walk the dark path back to bed
Staring at the sheets that fight with me
I’m so tired I feel like giving in
But I won’t let you win
I want my fucking sweet dreams
It’s round two sleep



© Sara Febles

2 thoughts on “Round two”

  1. The way you explain waking, to a fright? No, it’s more like your waking from writhing passion. From someone, or a desired life. Then it’s back to our second world, where we live the lives we dream.


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