Catch me

I’ve fallen
Can’t you tell?
I’ve fallen from the heavens
Into the depths of hell
Where I clawed on the walls
To escape from that
Where my tears
Made things so unclear
To the point I was ready
To let go and cave in to fear
Until you grabbed me by the hand
And pulled me out of that
With such strength I soared
Filled my lungs with fresh air
The wind in my hair
I grasped at clouds
Thinking I could stay a while
But gravity pulls me down
Except this time
I’m not scared
Because I see your arms
Ready to catch me
Mid air

7 thoughts on “Catch me”

      1. The greatest wall is undermined by the smallest shifting of sand. I like details. I’m not that pompous. I just like says that sound wise or smart. If I annoy just let me know.

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