Of one

There’s always been
This need
This want
To command the audience
Get my round of applause
A standing ovation
Only a certain amount of fouettes
Can demand
Fulfilling at times
But such a cheap trick
I walk off the stage
Unfulfilled most of the times
It’s just too easy
To get the adoration
Of the empty souls
Void of any culture
Until he sat and didn’t stand
Waited for the last patron to depart
And I watched from behind the curtains aghast
I can get you to clap
My audience of one
My challenge to make
His heart race
To see him grip his arm rest
To see a slight curl of a smile
Break through his stern face
I walk on stage
Determination in every step
To dance
My unchoreographed self
I shed what other masters tamed
With their own steps
I dance to the air you breathe
The spotlight on my skin
Muscles contract and release
Stretch my insides
Reach through my toes and fingertips
Till it encircles him
My soul exposed
Revealed and left on the dance floor
To the beat of his heart
He’s the song I dance for
The applause I long for
He’s the only one
I dance for
The only one
I’ll take a bow for

5 thoughts on “Of one”

  1. i can relate to this all too well. i have learned, the one i dance for is me, because no one else can appreciate what it takes to make it to the stage and then actually get there and attempt 32 fouettes with a smile.

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