A perfect fit

I think it’s meant to be
I’ve made a list of all the ways you’re a perfect fit
Mind you, this doesn’t rhyme in any sort of way
Though I tried like a little kid
But that’s the best part, so…

One, I think scooting over is ok
You think lifting me up and sitting me on your lap is better
And I happen to agree
Because random points of laughter feels amazing on any day of the week

Two, I can’t cook for shit
And there you are five starring every meal
Trying to teach me to cook but I can’t help but smile at how tall you look in the small kitchen
And how much I’d rather burn it to get all of your attention for myself

Three, you prepare and plan for tomorrow
Fill the minutes and check off to do lists
While I just kinda wing it and sleep in
Try to match outfits in the morning
And show up to work a few minutes late to
Smiling cause I kinda made you late too

Last but not least, I think this is the most important point on my list
I see you and you see me
And the world doesn’t seem to notice
How close and connected we are
You pull and I walk
I push and you come back

And these are just some of the things on my list
I’ve yet to touch upon the ways you touch me
That’s another poem entirely
But this is a good start
In case you didn’t know how well you fit in my heart

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