I like to imagine myself
Tangled hair and bedsheets
Mouth slightly open
From moaning and screaming
Now trying to catch my breath
And calm my heartbeats escaping through my chest
Eyes closed feeling the ringing of my
Body after it’s explode
Oh and the sting and rawness
Of asking and pleading for more
Completely and utterly spent
Without an ounce of energy left
Unable to move or lift myself
From the position you’ve left me in
Slowly drifting fading into sleep
As your lips kiss my bare shoulder
And your fingertips caress my body
From my knees traveling up to my hips
And then stopping there
To lay next to me
Your body pressed
Gently against mine
As if I’m some delicate flower
And you didn’t just fuck my brains out


I just want a loud song
I want to let my hair go
A dark room I can let go
And dance
My own kind of dance
The darkest dance in my soul
I need to leap knowing my feet will catch me
I want to fall and scrape my knees
I want to turn and get dizzy
I want to lose my breath
Burn my muscles raw
And feel sweat run down my neck
I want to lose myself
Dance my way through my own hell

As long as

As long as I feel it and know it
My words will write themselves for him

As long as I hear the violin calling
I’ll choreograph dances for him

As long as there’s longing
There’s nothing I won’t do for him

A perfect fit

I think it’s meant to be
I’ve made a list of all the ways you’re a perfect fit
Mind you, this doesn’t rhyme in any sort of way
Though I tried like a little kid
But that’s the best part, so…

One, I think scooting over is ok
You think lifting me up and sitting me on your lap is better
And I happen to agree
Because random points of laughter feels amazing on any day of the week

Two, I can’t cook for shit
And there you are five starring every meal
Trying to teach me to cook but I can’t help but smile at how tall you look in the small kitchen
And how much I’d rather burn it to get all of your attention for myself

Three, you prepare and plan for tomorrow
Fill the minutes and check off to do lists
While I just kinda wing it and sleep in
Try to match outfits in the morning
And show up to work a few minutes late to
Smiling cause I kinda made you late too

Last but not least, I think this is the most important point on my list
I see you and you see me
And the world doesn’t seem to notice
How close and connected we are
You pull and I walk
I push and you come back

And these are just some of the things on my list
I’ve yet to touch upon the ways you touch me
That’s another poem entirely
But this is a good start
In case you didn’t know how well you fit in my heart

The piece

Don’t be confused
By the you and the he
The me and the she
And my random ramblings
You are mine
And belong to me
You are not an index card
I move around in my novel
You are not in some random drawer
You are the page I long to write on
You are a new chapter
A new story I’ve yet to uncover
And I haven’t started on
Because I need you to write it
My side of the story is incomplete
You are the piece that fits best in this plot twist

He knows

He thinks he can write anything
To take my breath away
To make me gasp and blush
And think of more ways to love

He thinks his phrases and sentences
Will land like a vine of kisses on
On my outstretched arms and legs
Making me point and stretch his way

He thinks his words will reach me
And the rhythm of my heart will start to skip beats
And my mind will enjoy playing with
And my lips will wet while murmuring

He thinks syllables will stack
Underneath my back making me arch
And move my hands
And dance for him in more ways than one

Fuck, he knows me so well


I didn’t let my eyelids fall last night
I didn’t turn off the lights
I know the second that night comes
He’ll be there
With his arms around my soul
And I’ll be there
Hanging on for all dear hope
And we’ll let
Countless suns and moons go
Just to hold each other strong
So I’m waiting for the sun to come up
I’m not turning the light off
At least until that image of us
Is one that I can bare to have nights without