Rag doll

I’m not a rag doll
I’m not your toy
You can’t pull
Or push me
You can’t throw me
Or flip me or pin me
I’m not yours
Not anymore
What’s more
You have to ask
And guess what
You have to wait
Till when and if
I say yes

Be kind

I don’t understand how life works.
One minute, I’m pouring myself coffee
thinking of my crumbling world.
The next, a man places a cup of yogurt next to my coffee.
For you, he said before walking away.
It took all I had in me not to cry right then and there.
I know it seems trivial.
Silly to think, it’s just a cup of yogurt.
But that one small gesture,
It meant the world to me this morning.
There’s kindness left.


My body and mind
Are so cruel to the heart
Making it wake at this hour
To write about that

My mind is taunting
This is great material
Pick up a pen
I’ll throw in a good word
And I’m like, what?

My body, now wait
Tingly sensations aside
You haven’t had a taste
Nope, nope
You’re imagining things

And heart?
ok, ok

Guys come on, really?
Put the pen down
Go back to sleep
You know the heart needs a break

Meeting you

Meeting you
Has made me
Reconsider everything
I know about myself
Question everything I held
Wonder about what else
Find truth in myself
Say no when I felt it was wrong
Stand up for myself
Mourn what I’ve lost
Learn to let go
Forgive myself
Move on
Find happiness
And believe in love
Meeting you
Has made me
Know more of myself
And ask
Who are you?

For him

I’m falling for him
Whether he’s meant for me or not
I do not know
Nor do I care
Because the way
His words land on my skin
Make me want to melt and
Pour myself out for him
I’m falling for him
Whether he knows it or not
I’m meant for him

Dating a writer

Writers will live on your every word
They’ll listen to what you say
And understand what you mean
By deciphering the breaths in between
They’ll feel every syllable that escapes your lips
Hear the words behind the stand
Behind the crossed arms
And bathroom walls
They’ll know even before you do
What you really said
They’ll spend all night and all day
Thinking of the right words to say
Despite the fact the conversation’s passed
They’ll debate if it was just a slip of the tongue
A heated response
But every word no matter how small
Has a minute truth to it all
And if you leave some sort of blank
If you leave a fragment behind closed doors
Rest assured the writer’s coming up with every possible ending phrase
To finish off the dialogue


Night makes you
Kiss strangers
Stand still
Hold your breath
With parted lips
In awe of him
Senses heighten
Heat rises
Skin wants it
Roaring whispers
Pulled hair
Sharp teeth
Nails sink
Deep gasps
Hungry moans
Night knows
You’re strangers
No more