My Side

Your words land
Like kisses
On my forehead
Easing my worries
That are half made up
In my head
Over analyzing
Every move
People make
What does it mean
When you start to see
Multiple meaning words
Behind every edge
Of the dining room table
And you stop hearing the laughter
Excuse me I stand
Because I can’t stand the
Loud thumping of my own heart
Glaring of candlelights
And clinky glasses
Celebrating success
Full of yourself and
Empty plates of promises
I step into my bedroom
To hide my lack of understanding
In my corner
Where I cease to pretend
What’s bothering me
Only I find you
Already standing there
Are you on my side?
And I stopped worrying
For the night.


Who’s already friends with the devil
So I won’t have to play pretend
When they call me an angel
A chill runs down my spine
Reminded of the things I did
Once upon many a nights
Playing on repeat on the back of my mind
Like one of those old songs
You remember where you were
When you heard it the first time
Whispered in the dark I answered back
Letting friendly strangers
Grab and pull and spread me apart
Summon me by name
And there’ll be a game to play
What’s a moral loss in between friends?


Our fingertips touching
Igniting a warmth unknown to me
A pull so strong I can’t ignore it.
Resting my head on your chest
Just to hear you breathe life into my day.
Freckles catching the sunlight
Seeing me reflected in your eyes
Your mouth opening to meet mine fractions of seconds before I close my eyes.
To dive like a mermaid into your mind
Even though I’m scared of the ocean in real life.
I breathe the water just fine.


I wandered slightly lost
Lies I told my feet to keep on
Until I found nothing.
I found it on the corner of nowhere.
I don’t know how anyone
Could’ve left it there in the dark.
I stood watching as people walked past
A misplaced rare piece of art,
An original definitional of everything I’ve ever wanted, To feel something.
At the corner of nowhere,
In between lost and almost gone,
I found myself a nothing so unique,
I’m claiming it for my own.
It’s my something to keep.

When I die

When I die, I wonder.

When I cease to breathe,

When I’m on the examining table,

When the bright lights are on my skin,

And I’ve been dusted for fingerprints,

If the doctor will know who I belong to.

Maybe, if he’d open up my chest,

He’d see in my heart

Who left an everlasting mark,

And call the right man.

If I had a pen

If I had a pen
I’d write our tomorrows
With words never once strung together
I’d underline the parts of the past
That make you who you are
I’d doodle on your skin
Tickling you with blue ink
I’d wrestle you for it
And let you win


Everyday seems like the rest
Except now for every step
You are inside my head
My every thought interrupted
The view of reality obstructed
With little petals of scenes
Of what you’d see if reality
Tangled itself with our dreams
To the rest of the world
Outside my head
Today is such an ordinary day
But they haven’t got you
To turn their mind to.