On my own

The house is empty today
I’m on my own
At first I cautiously walk in testing the boundaries of my domain
Taking inventory of secret passageways along the way
Body curving slightly letting go of all the world’s tightness
Wild hair’s appreciated
Heels landing haphazardly
Longest zipper in the world’s unzipped
Clothes falling to the floor
Body stretched
And touched by me
The sensation leaving me in awe of me
The feeling of me wanting me
Feeling what you feel when you’re inside of me
So that’s why you ask to come inside
With me
Liquid memories drip through my fingertips

AngiePhonePics 1641

3 thoughts on “On my own”

  1. To take what you did, make it seem tender, memorable, an adventure. Lovely. Though I feel I’ve peeked in where I should not have like walking by, a crack in the door.

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